Database Workbench Pro

Database Workbench Pro 6.1

Accesses multiple databases for project development

Create a single environment for developing multiple types of database engines by connecting several database servers, creating common structures, inserting data tables and filling in the fields. The suite works with text or script data presented as HEX code, OLE code or an HTML page.

Database Workbench is a tool for database applications. It contains an user interface that includes object editors like tables, views, triggers; docking tools, code and SQL catalogs; schema migrator supporting ODBC, ADO; data import, to import CSV formatted data; data pump tool to transfer data from ODBC, ADO and native connectivity data source; test data generator to test your application; build in debugger for testing InterBase, Firebird, and Oracle code; object templates for standardization; and diagramming tools to create conceptual and physical data models; reverse engineer an existing database into a physical data model; visualize relationships between tables in existing databases; and print diagrams. When installing you can select the components you want to install: GUI tools & documentation; command line tools; Interbase, Firebird, MS SQL, My SQL, Oracle, NexusDB, and Sybase Anywhere related files. In order to work with Database Workbench you need to register a database server. The register server wizard will guide you to select a server type (Interbase, Firebird, Microsoft SQL, My SQL, Oracle, NexusDB, or Sybase Anywhere). Prices depends on selected database engine support.

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  • It supports ODBC, ADO, Interbase, Firebird, MS SQL, My SQL, Oracle, NexusDB, and Sybase Anywhere code. You can edit code, make diagrams, etc


  • Trial version works for 60 days
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