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Database Workbench Pro 3.2

Database Workbench is an user interface for database applications
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Database Workbench is a tool for database applications. It contains an user interface that includes object editors like tables, views, triggers; docking tools, code and SQL catalogs; schema migrator supporting ODBC, ADO; data import, to import CSV formatted data; data pump tool to transfer data from ODBC, ADO and native connectivity data source; test data generator to test your application; build in debugger for testing InterBase, Firebird, and Oracle code; object templates for standardization; and diagramming tools to create conceptual and physical data models; reverse engineer an existing database into a physical data model; visualize relationships between tables in existing databases; and print diagrams. When installing you can select the components you want to install: GUI tools & documentation; command line tools; Interbase, Firebird, MS SQL, My SQL, Oracle, NexusDB, and Sybase Anywhere related files. In order to work with Database Workbench you need to register a database server. The register server wizard will guide you to select a server type (Interbase, Firebird, Microsoft SQL, My SQL, Oracle, NexusDB, or Sybase Anywhere). Prices depends on selected database engine support.

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  • It supports ODBC, ADO, Interbase, Firebird, MS SQL, My SQL, Oracle, NexusDB, and Sybase Anywhere code. You can edit code, make diagrams, etc


  • Trial version works for 60 days
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